7a. Information for Contributors

Classroom Heroes is an open project whose materials are free for anyone to use and contribute to. Our goal is to make a high quality, free resource for teachers to use in their classrooms to enhance learning through narrative game-play.

Whether you are an educator or not, there are many ways you can contribute your unique skills to Classroom Heroes.

Below are a list of tasks that will need to be completed over the coming weeks and months. If you are able to help by completing one or more of these tasks, please do. You can either join the WIKI to upload your work directly to the relevant pages, or you can email it to Cameron@classroomheroes.com.au

Outstanding tasks:
  • Banner graphics: design different banner graphics that reflect each different genre of hero, as well as one that combines the three genres. The need to be sized variably for facebook, wordpress and wikispaces.
  • Avatars: As above, twitter and forum avatars that reflect the different genres, as well as one that possibly represents all three (if it's possible in sucha little space).
  • Playtesting & Feedback: Make a character, create a sample encounter, provide feedback on the clarity of the rules or any gaps in the system that you encounter.
  • Writing: All of the rules and mechanics need samples of how to use them. These are best done by writing a short narrative about a student or teacher using the rule to demonstrate how rules are applied and their final effect.
  • Proof Reading: My online handle isn't Capitan Typo for nothing!

As the site develops, there will be more tasks peripheral to writing and developing the game that will require contributors. All work will be acknowledged on a 'Classroom Heroes Contributors' page, and will be made available under the sites default Creative Commons license.