6d. Cards & Tokens

Here are some examples of cards and tokens that can be used to provide a tangible manifestation of different aspects of Classroom Heroes.

At present, cards and tokens are made using images sourced from various websites, all of which are credited beside the relevant link. You can also find more resource sites on the links page. If you see an image being used here that is under copyright, or being used in breach of any aspect of the Creative Commons license, please email us immediately at cameron@classroomheroes.com.au and let us know, so that it can be taken down until licensing issues can be resolved.

Bonus points / XP cards

+1 Bonus Cards - these cards can be used as a tangible reward for the completion of learning activities.They are predominantly yellow with black character outlines.
+1 Behaviour Reward Cards - a slightly different colour, these cards incorporate my current school's behaviour expectations of being a 'Safe, Respectful, Learner' and are used as positive reinforcement for desired behaviours. They are predominantly green with washed out character outlines.
+1 'prepared for class' Cards - designed with the phrase 'ready for adventure', these cards use the same images as the 'fantasy Items, set 1' cards below, and are predominantly red.
  • The silhouettes on these cards come from here and here.

Item cards

Fantasy Items, set 1 - a set of items for fantasy or medieval themed characters.