5b. Classroom Management Systems

The primary purpose of Classroom Heroes is to provide a narrative framework for lesson content to encourage greater student engagement. While a well-planned lesson will always be the best for of classroom and behaviour management, sometimes it just isn't enough. Below are some suggested ways to incorporate more explicit behaviour management systems into Classroom Heroes.

1. Bonus XP as Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement of desired behaviours is an effective strategy for shaping the learning behaviours of students. The research behin the efficacy of positive reinforcement is quite substantial, and a good starting point for inquiry is the PBIS website, the home of a globally recognised and utilised positive behaviour program. One of the problems of positive reinforcement strategies can be identifying rewards that interest and motivate students, and resourcing reward programs that allow for the high frequency of positive feedback required to affect student behaviours. With Classroom Heroes, XP provide an ideal mechanism for positive reinforcement programs. Students can earn bonus XP for adhering to behaviour expectations in the classroom, and can be given as freely and frequently as the teacher desires, free of cost!

For students who need something tangible, tokens or cards are a good idea. They also help with record keeping and encouraging greater personal responsibility for students as they have to hold onto them to hand in tokens or cards at a designated time to accrue their points.

Here is a printable set of Classroom Heroes XP Cards for that purpose. They were formatted to fit a commercial brand of perforated business cards, but can be easily printed double sided onto paper or card and then cut out, or printed separately, cut out and then inserted back to back into a small laminating pouch.