How to create a character in Classroom Heroes

In Classroom Heroes, a characters’ abilities are defined by their ratings in the three Traits; Attributes, Skills, and Special Abilities.
Students being with a fixed number of ‘build points’ to spend in each Traits category in order to determine their Heroes abilities. Remember that the purpose of this game is to tell the story of each Hero’s growth, and so the process of character creation only allows for a moderate spread of abilities that the students will have to develop through earning and spending XP.

All of a Hero's Traits get recorded on the Hero Profile Sheet.

Attributes: Students begin with 6 build points to spend among their primary attributes. All attributes begin with a minimum rating of 1, and Build Points increase these ratings (a newly created hero should have a cumulative total of 9 rating points in Primary Attributes). No Primary attribute may be higher than 4 during character creation. Remember that all secondary attributes automatically have the same rating as their primary attribute.

Optional Rule: During character creation, students can exchange 1 build point of a primary attribute for 3 points that can be spent on secondary attributes. In this way, a Hero may begin the game with some secondary attributes rated higher than the primary attribute. Only one secondary attribute may begin at a rating of 5, all other secondary attributes must be rated 4 or lower.

Skills: Students receive 15 build points to spent on skills AND specialisations. During character creation, Hero’s may only be given one skill-specialisation combination with a total rating of 5. Heroes may take a specialisation in any skill that has a rating of 1 or more, however the rating of the specialisation cannot exceed that of the parent skill. All skills start at 0, and every point in a skill must be purchased with build points.

Special Abilities: Students have 6 build points to spend on their special abilities. The level of each special ability dictates the number of points that it costs to add +1 to the rating of the special ability. For example, Level 1 Special abilities cost 1 build point per rating level. Level 2 special abilities cost 2 pints per rating level. Level 3 special abilities cost 3 points per rating level.
Remember that some Level 3 special abilities require a dedicated Special Skill in order to be able to use the ability.

Hero Creation Summary

  • 6 build points to spend on primary attributes
  • All attributes start at rating 1, and build points add to this rating.
  • None higher than 4
  • Optional rule: exchange 1 point in primary attributes for 3 secondary attribute points. 1 secondary attribute may begin at rating 5, all others ≤4
  • 15 build points to spend on skills and specialisations
  • All skills begin at 0
  • Only 1 Skill-Specialisation at 5
  • Specialisations may be taken on any skill of rating 1 or higher. Specialisation rating may not exceed skill rating

Special Abilities:
  • 6 build points to spend on special abilities
  • Level 1 abilities cost 1 build point per rating
  • Level 2 abilities cost 2 build point per rating
  • Level 3 abilities cost 3 build point per rating