Characters that students can play in this game fall into one of three main classifications. Superheroes, Action Heroes, and Fantasy Heroes.

Superheroes are people with extraordinary, supernatural abilities. They might be super-humanly strong, be able fly or to run as fast as a race-car. A superhero could get their powers from some sort of experiment gone wrong. They could be a mutant with special powers, or maybe they have been given their powers by an alien entity.

Some popular examples of superheroes include:
  • Superman, who has superhuman powers because he is an alien from a distant planet
  • Green lantern, whose powers come from a ring given to him by powerful aliens
  • Wolverine, who is a mutant born with the ability to heal rapidly and to produce claws from his wrists
  • Jean Grey, who is also a mutant, and who has powerful psychic abilities that let her move objects with her mind.

Action Heroes are people who have special training and equipment, this allows them to achieve things beyond the realm of normal people. Action heroes can include science fiction characters, modern day soldiers, or even just ordinary people with special talents.

Some popular examples of action heroes include:
  • Katniss Everdeen, who has special talents for archery and survival
  • Batman, who has been trained in martial arts and stealth, and has a wide array of special tools and equipment that enhance his abilities
  • James Bond is a super spy who has extremely high ratings in persuasion and rapport, as well as special training in stealth, negotiation and etiquette that allow him to work his way into any situation.

Fantasy Heroes are the wizards, witches and warriors who fill up fantasy tales. These also include modern fantasy characters such as Harry Potter. Fantasy heroes cover a wide range of possibilities, including knights, beast riders and sorcerers. They can also include non-human races like elves and dwarves. The main thing that connects fantasy heroes is that they have a little bit of magic about them. Whether the character casts spells, rides a dragon, or carries a magic sword, these characters have magic in some part of their lives.

Some Examples of fantasy heroes include:
  • The characters from Harry Potter, who learn a variety of spells, potions and incantations to achieve magical effects
  • King Arthur, who carried the magical sword Excalibur
  • Percy Jackson, who is is the son of the Greek God Poseidon, and has magically enhanced abilities.

Depending on the setting and overarching narrative of their particular game, a teacher may choose to give students free choice of character class, or may restrict choices to run a game of all superheroes, or an entirely fantasy oriented game.